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As AAP and PRP begin setting the event calendar for 2024, we are excited to bring you to the Lord Baltimore Hotel. The venue is a beautiful and historical building that has stories dating to the Great Depression and the lives that were lost during Black Thursday.

Lord Baltimore Hotel

October 24, 1929, is a day those who were alive would have been too young to remember happening, but most know the history behind it. Dubbed “Black Thursday,” the stock market crash on that day resulted from over 16 million shares of stock on the New York Stock exchange being traded by investors in a single day. This panic selling lasted until October 29th, the same year.

Noted as the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, the decline of stocks started on Thursday with the most significant sell-off of shares in U.S. history. This day became known as Black Thursday and was the onset of the devastation our country would go through. Namely, the Great Depression.

Many of the accounts of suicide jumpers from the Great Crash were grossly exaggerated and fake news created by the media to make a story more interesting. That is, after all, what the media does. However, not to downplay the horrific true accounts, there are accounts of several notables that did take their own lives during the wake of the crash.

All over the country, despondent investors lost their financial means, jobs, and economic security during the years after the impact when the Great Depression took root. The suicide rate all over the U.S. did, in fact, increase during these desperate times.

Some of those jumpers did happen at Lord Baltimore Hotel, where they are all documented. Many believe their spirits stayed at the hotel. They haunt the halls and intermingle with the staff and guests.

The most notorious and saddest account of ghosts that haunt the Lord Baltimore Hotel is the desperate suicidal parents and their 7-year-old daughter Molly.

The couple reportedly stayed at the luxurious Lord Baltimore Hotel the weekend after the crash. Perhaps to soak up some last-minute time together before their desperation took them from the hotel’s rooftop down to the ground where they died.

Some reports say that they didn’t take their daughter with them. However, most reports claim they did – an account of a murder-suicide when it comes down to it. Perhaps the parents felt their daughter was better off dead than living a life of despair which many did in the depression.

Over the years, many guests claim that the little girl is seen around the hotel. Particularly on the 19th floor, which is said to be where the guests had stayed.

Ghost of Molly's red ball at the Lord Baltimore Hotel
Photo: Baltimore Sun

Molly is seen wearing a cream-colored dress and black shoes, and in all accounts, she is accompanied by a red ball. She is seen playing with the ball and is keen on chasing staff members and guests to the point that two hotel employees resigned because of it.

It is also said that the voice and crying of a young girl are heard throughout the hotel. Some believe it could be Molly who is lost and looking for her parents. Staff believes that two formally dressed figures appear to be dancing around the ballroom: the young couple – Molly’s parents.

Another creepy account of apparent hauntings of the hotel is the elevator that randomly takes a ride to the 19th floor. Many believe the 19th floor is the haunted hot spot for the hotel. Still, when the doors open, there is no one there. Guests riding the elevator have experienced being touched by icy hands. The elevator stops on the 19th floor without being called. Again, when the doors open, there is no one around. Well, at least, there is no one to be seen.

Documented calls to the reception desk from hotel guests complain about a little girl who is seen and heard bouncing a ball down the hallway. Irritated guests inquire about the whereabouts of the little girl’s parents, and staff has no explanation to offer.

The mysterious occurrences include a handprint of a small child on the wall in one of the penthouses that will never go away. It’s as if Molly is leaving a mark to show she is still there!

Several calls also come in complaining about someone being in their room, usually a woman who appears at the foot of the bed. There’s even a ghost who is a bit of a prankster and hides the remote control to the television. Many guests have also complained that their t.v. turns on and off on its own.

The haunted history began with the first casualty at the hotel and continues to frighten staff members and guests. Management assures that the ghosts are harmless, and if you came to visit, your stay would be luxurious. But don’t count on it being uneventful, and you may not get a whole good night’s sleep!

Read more about the haunted history of Baltimore, and if you dare, take one of our ghost tours in one of the cities across the United States.  We guarantee a hauntingly good time!

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