Night Tales by Virginia Johnson

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💥~Wrath of Rosaline~
“Romeo and Juliet” – Star crossed lovers, brought together by fate and torn apart by family? What if there was more to the story? What if everything that happened to Romeo and Juliet was not only tragic but planned? Rosaline was quickly discarded but her wrath changed everything.

“Welcome to Neveah.” 
Heaven isn’t beyond the pearly gates. Not a judged entrance or an earned escape. Heaven is a girl and she is pissed. 
Lucas chose to forget. Forced the memory of his drunken years so deep that there was only one person that remembered. Only she could resurrect the sins of his past and hold him accountable for the the life that was so carelessly tossed away. Gracie.

💥~Blind Capture~
Dolls are to be kept, cared for and groomed. My job wasn’t that easy. 
I was groomed. I was kept. I was cared for. 
I was lied to and the truth set me free.
“Love doesn’t die; people do”
After years of captivity, the only thing I wanted to do was escape. What I didn’t expect was to find others like me but never Jennifer. Her blood was the cure for my internet love and I was willing to kill anyone in my way – so I did.

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