The Nearer The Dawn Saga by JP Barry

🖤•.★The Nearer The Dawn:
•.★The Nearer The Dawn Saga Book 1
🖤*•.★By JP Barry


We all wear masks of secrecy. Some are small and insignificant while others are dark and forbidden. We wear them to mislead and deceive. It is, after all, easier to live a lie than to expose ourselves to the world. Exposure would leave us vulnerable. Yet, the truth could set us free; we hope. The moment we truly abandon all forgeries and remove our veil is the only time we can fully accept our true identity.

For Nina Luther living a lie is life in its purest form. As a child, Nina knew she and her entire family were different. The mortals who surround her, fear the unknowingness of what they will become. Nina has no such fear. She is all too aware that her time here on Earth will be plagued by her heavenly gift to help others; she despises this. All Nina desires are to be an average high school senior, but cannot hide from her divine destiny.

While adapting to her family’s recent move to Savannah, Georgia, Nina falls hard for Chase James, a mysterious loner with a dark and demonic secret of his own.

In this world, there are saints and sinners. The difference between the two: every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Who will be the last one standing? Will the demonic uprising on Earth mean the end for the mortal angel Nina? Or will she live to die another day?

🖤*•.★The Darker The Night:
🖤*•.★The Nearer The Dawn Saga Book 2
🖤*•.★By JP Barry


After narrowly surviving a war between the Angels and Demons on Earth, Lost Soul, Chase James, and Mortal Angel, Nina Luther, must come to terms with their divine fates.
The problem?

Which strength will emerge from Chase’s soul? Angelic or Demonic?

When confusion and fear collide within Chase and Nina’s worlds, will they survive as one, or fall from grace?

🖤*•.★The Darkest Before the Dawn:
🖤*•.★The Nearer The Dawn Saga: Book 3
🖤*•.★By JP Barry


Wed by evil, but saved by good, Mortal Angels Chase James and Nina Luther have finally found a scrap of peace and balance within both worlds—the calm before the storm. Enter the Angel Gabriel. Tortured by a heart filled with revenge, he sets his sights on Nina. Fueled by a desire from an unknown force, will Gabriel ruin the bond between Chase and Nina, or will Chase’s obsession with eliminating Vincent destroy everything, including himself?

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