The Cain Trilogy by JP Barry

✦✦✯✦✦The Mark of Cain:✦✦✯✦✦
✦✯✦The Cain Trilogy Book 1✦✯✦
✦✦✯✦✦By JP Barry✦✦✯✦✦

✦✯✦ ✦✯✦

Olivia Fox wants one thing—a means to an end as a Special Agent for the CIA. After the tragic passing of her husband, Neil, with nothing left to lose, she becomes the CIA’s most lethal weapon. Cross trained as a profiler, arms expert, and hacker to defend the United States against terrorism, Fox is an unstoppable force that not even the Agency reckons with.

Finally, with retirement in sight after returning from an assignment which nearly killed her and her partner, Jaxon Sage, Fox is assigned one last mission, bring down Ivan Popov, biological warfare terror threat, and owner of Cheap Thrills, a strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Enter Cain ‘Angel’ Montgomery, a stripper with an agenda so cruel even the strongest crumble at his will.

Thrown into a situation where emotions run high, and love collides with hate, Fox is forced to deal with her tormented past while attempting to crack the impenetrable walls Angel puts up to take out Popov.

Will the unbreakable break, or will the powerful always remain unshakable? What happens when the undercover fantasy world Fox creates begins to blend into reality potentially standing between her and freedom?

An out of control tornado is about to slam directly into the path of an erupting volcano.

✦✦✯✦✦The Curse of Cain:✦✦✯✦✦
✦✯✦The Cain Trilogy Book 2✦✯✦
✦✦✯✦✦By JP Barry✦✦✯✦✦

✦✯✦ ✦✯✦

Desperately seeking the truth, unwilling to stop until he gets what he wants, Cain ‘Angel’ Montgomery abandons everything to find the one woman who saw behind his mask of lies and deception, Olivia Fox. Fueled by a lethal combination of narcissistic rage and love, Cain is on a mission.

Newly retired Special Agent Olivia Fox is painfully realizing you can’t go home after being away for so long. Trying to leave her spy days behind, ignoring lingering feelings for her former partner Jaxon Sage, attempting to forget Cain, and adjusting to the bombshell dropped on her last day at the CIA, Olivia is struggling to keep her head above water.

When Cain and Olivia’s worlds collide for the second time, they become tangled in the past but strangled by the future. Tension runs high as Olivia falls into a downward spiral, hitting rock bottom when Ivan Popov and Alexi Romanoff escape from a government top secret Black site, kidnapping Cain.

How far is too far for Cain, and what is Olivia willing to give up for love?

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