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Selenium Night (Shadow Shifters Novel)
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🐺By Kharma Kelley


🐺ShadowShifters – Half human, half wolf creatures that love as fiercely as they fight.

🌗Aidan Bloodlocke never dreamed he was a Shifter, much less an Alpha. When a pack takes him in, his entire world changes, and loyalties are developed. Then disaster strikes, and he’s on a ruthless mission for revenge.

🐺Veterinarian Maddie Ardelle moved to Bridgepoint, Maine, to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, only to find herself caught in the crossfire of violent, feuding ShadowShifters. That’s when Maddie and Aidan’s worlds collide, and with an attraction so fierce, both are helpless to resist.

🌗As Aidan struggles to fight for both love and duty, he uncovers a betrayal so heinous, it puts the lives of his entire pack and the brave woman he desires at unthinkable risk. The stakes are high, and both must decide if Maddie ultimately can live in his violent world of teeth and claw.

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