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🐈Sparta and The Door to Amorphous:(The Sparta Chronicles Book 1)

By Terrie Angela 

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🐈Once in awhile in an ordinary life, something extraordinary comes along

Sparta is an ordinary cat with an extraordinary life. She lives in a castle with her adopted family the Taggarts—and spends her time exploring her world, chasing the family dog Chewbacca; keeping up with the Taggart boys and occasionally fighting off a rogue robot.

🐈Sparta would say life is perfect, well at least the parts she can remember. Her life before the day she nearly drowned is a mystery to her. Then there were the nightmares she’d had ever since…
Sparta soon learns just how fragile her perfect world really is when she discovers the Taggart boys have been keeping an extraordinary secret. A hidden entrance under the oldest Taggart brother William’s bed reveals a secret workshop where Sparta is fitted with a magic collar, introduced to a talking robot and shown a mysterious door which leads to a world beyond anyone’s imagination, the world of Amorphous.

By the times she learns the truth and what’s really at stake, she’s fighting for her life in the imaginary world of Amorphous. Your heart will pound with excitement as you follow Sparta and the Taggart brothers on an incredible journey through a land of physics bending roller-coasters, and two headed sharks—as they conduct rescue missions and thwart the plot of an evil madman determined to destroy the world.

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