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Bent (What Was Everything Book 1)
by Wysteria Wilde


“Bent” is a New Adult/Coming of Age Romantic Suspense novel… edgy, gripping, and honest in showing the harsh reality of what happens when a good girl and a bad boy who feel they are destined to be together have to face family opposition, deeply hidden secrets, and subsequent sinister obstacles attempting to keep them apart.

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✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️out of 5 stars
You will be hooked!!
A great story. Very true things that happen in a new relationship….with a few very exciting and mysterious twists. A must read. Can’t wait to read the next in the series.
Published 4 months ago by Teri D

Nick Bignanni was somebody – and then he was nobody. By the time he was in high school, he still loved his father but hated his alcoholism, and he loved his mother (more) but resented her for her alcoholism – and infidelities, all of which culminated in him entering into a toxic, drug and sex fueled relationship with a girl named Beth. He was only 19 when all three of them were ripped away from him in just one night. He had wanted to die, too – and much of his family and many of his “friends” probably felt the same way. But his grandfather had given him a second chance, offering to finance his return to Blue Ivy University and his fraternity Alpha Lambda Lambda, while his fate was yet to be determined by the law – as long as he stayed clean.

It was at the fraternity where he met Michael LaFrance, who instantly became his best friend and roommate. Though they were very different in many ways, they had one major thing in common: an insatiable appetite for women and sex. And both of them were so good-looking (in very different ways, however) that they attracted enough women to last a lifetime – and there was never a thought of serious relationships with any of them. That is, until Michael’s sister Annabel came to Blue Ivy as an 18 year old freshman. Nick had met her once when she was 16 and it’d been like seeing a ghost; there had been instant attraction, but she was obviously forbidden fruit. And now two years later, she was back – all grown up and undeniably beautiful – and the attraction was stronger than ever. But while he was bent on having her, her brother and mother and seemingly the Universe were bent on keeping her away.

Annabel LaFrance was a privileged, preppy, intelligent, inexperienced girl who just so happened to have a male best friend – which kept most boys from even approaching her. Well, that and the fact that she was what Mother called “chubby”. By the time she was in high school, she’d tried almost every weight loss product and program available to mankind, to no avail. Losing weight seemed like her whole life’s mission…until one night at her brother’s fraternity when she was 16 that changed the course of her life. It was there that she met her brother’s new best friend and roommate Nick Bignanni. He was everything she thought she would never want in a boy – a long haired, scruffy faced, flannel shirt and combat boot wearing, motorcycle driving older man. He was 19 and she was instantly mesmerized by the way he looked at her with his hypnotic hazel eyes. There was a connection between them, she was sure, but it ended when the night ended – though it lived on in her fantasies throughout high school.

She was 18 when she arrived back at Blue Ivy as a freshman, happy that her best friend Brooks had chosen also to take advantage of the University’s renowned Creative Arts and Writing Program – and very much looking forward to a reunion with Nick Bignanni, something she’d been fantasizing about for years. But when she does see him again, he is in a compromising position with a Barbie Doll blonde, and she is devastated…but still hopeful. When she and Nick finally do share a “moment” together, Michael makes it perfectly clear that any kind of relationship between them is forbidden. However, as fate would have it, they end up having a class together, and the fiery connection between them grows stronger and stronger – leading eventually to an all-consuming desire that they can no longer deny. But the bond between them could possibly change everything, for everyone.

He leaned in and kissed her, simple lip-to-lip contact only once before he pulled back ever-so-slightly and breathed in some air, her air, their air. When he made contact again, he nudged at her mouth with his lips, opening it and touching her tongue with his own – and a powerful electric current traveled through his entire body before he quickly locked onto her, kissing her like he wanted to swallow her, feasting on her tongue, taking the breath out of her then starting it all over again – slow open-mouth kisses intermingled with hungry, desperate-for-more tongue dueling, sucking and lip nibbling. She tasted like spearmint and smoke, and she felt like fire under his hands, burning him, making him even hotter for her. Fuck, this is happening. This is really fucking happening. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her fervently one more time. “You’re an intriguing girl, Annabel LaFrance,” he said as he carried her to her bedroom.

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