Fireblood by Casey Hays for only 99 cents!!

♪♫♪♫🕊🔥 Firebloods🔥 🕊🕊♪♫♪♫
By Casey Hays
Sale for .99 or FREE on KU
Regular 3.99

♪♫Jude Gallagher thought she was crazy♪♫.

♪♫It all started when the boy next door made her hear music—inside her head. All the time.♪♫

♫♪It was torture.♫♪

♪♫She didn’t think things could get worse. But then one hot summer, her best friend Kane O’Reilly decides to tell her how he really feels about her. Music inside her head? That’s nothing compared what happens next.♪♫

🕊 Things only turn stranger when she and her lab partner Frankie Melmack begin a project to prove the existence of the Vatra u Krvi—a race of people tied to the mythical Phoenix. Add in a neglectful mother and a magic ring, and the insanity that defines Jude’s life is pretty well complete.🕊

🕊Heat surges across the Nevada desert, and the best and worst parts of Jude Gallagher’s life collide as myth meets reality. In the middle of the chaos, she begins to hear more than just music. And she has to wonder… 🕊

🕊Maybe♪♫♪… just maybe♪♫♪… she really is crazy after all. 🕊


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