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by Virginia Johnson

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🔪Time is nothing more than the illusion that you have buried your skeletons deeper than the next person. The mistake that is most commonly made is forgetting one thing; Aspen doesn’t care how deep the bodies are buried – she will find you and she will kill you. The only question that they should be asking themselves is, ‘When?”

🔪Blinding emotion is the one thing that separates Aspen from her victims. She has given them a choice; a chance to make it right. She has rules, she has boundaries and now, she is running out of time.

🔪After allowing Ethan to escape with a new set of rules, Aspen finds herself caught between finishing what she started and starting what needs to be finished.

❈ Tracy created a monster.
❈ Preston follows no rules.
❈ Ethan is pissed and ready to fight.

🔪Three different men with three different reasons to die.
They will pay for the mistakes that they made and Aspen will collect… when she is ready.

Expiate is the second book in Aspen Secret Series.
You can get Vindicate here:  http://amzn.to/2cJNCDK


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