Graphics sale, Buy 2 get 1 for free!

!! SALE !!

Starting june 1st ( tomorrow ) we have a sale going on for graphics!
If you buy 2 graphics and you will get a third for free!!
This sale will run for the whole month of june!

So say you need a author banner and a few teasers for your upcoming book..
You can go to our shop add 2 graphics to your cart.. when you get to the point where you can enter any comments mention JUNE GRAPHICS SALE! and we will automaticly know you get 3.
Then you will get an email from us asking for details.

Now say you wanna take advantage of this sale but you dont need anything before july or maybe even december.
Well you are in luck then cause you can just take advantage of this sale and order now!
When you recieve an email from us you can just mention you will send everything when you need it including a date ( Please give our awesome graphics designer some time and email us a week before hand!)

Now you ask.. What does she do?
Banners, Teasers, Personalized welcome and thank you notes for your events!!!
Anything you like… She can do it!
So dont wait any longer and head to our shop

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